Early Learning Centre

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday: 7.00am – 6.00pm. Closed on Public Holidays. (Full Fees Apply) Closed for two weeks over Christmas and New Year including public holidays (no fees are charged)

Overview of Service

The program at Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School Early Learning Centre provides an enriched, supportive and loving environment for children from three to five years of age. We believe that all children are capable individuals who explore, discover, experiment and research. As Early Childhood Educators we ensure that we facilitate all children’s developmental levels by providing a quality program that focuses on each child’s strengths, needs and interests.

Our early learning program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework, ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’. We believe that all aspects of the development of young children are interrelated. The optimal development of a young child depends on the nurturing of positive, supportive and individual relationships with both adults and peers. Our staff engage children in and encourage a collaborative approach to learning to ensure the best possible outcomes for all children. Please feel free to extend your knowledge of our service through contact and discussion with the Principal, Assistant Director, Early Childhood Teachers and other members of staff. We value your support and contributions. We encourage you to spend time in the centre with your child. To ensure we provide the highest quality care and education, we follow established guidelines, policies and procedures, inspired by early learning theorists including Reggio Emilia, Piaget, Vygotsky, Gardner and Montessori.

At Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School Early Learning Centre Early Learning Educators will:

  • Recognise children as having a strong sense of identity, as being dynamic, competent, creative, curious, autonomous individuals who are connected with and contribute to their world
  • Cater for the diverse needs of all children
  • Interact positively with all children, believing in their success
  • Use questioning skills and conversations to extend knowledge and thinking and actively engage with children
  • Provide encouragement and be supportive of children and their needs at all times
  • Act as facilitators of learning
  • Role model positive behaviour
  • Build meaningful relationships with families, providing a link between the child and the family, in order to actively share information
  • Ensure the provision of a quality environment for children and families
  • Work as a team to lay the foundations of a quality early learning program
  • At Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School Early Learning Centre parents will:
  • Be given recognition as being the child’s first and most influential contact with their world and the people in it
  • Be encouraged to participate in the program and be an active part of Centre life
  • Be aware and take responsibility for the vital role that they play in their child’s learning
  • Be encouraged to make valuable contributions to the program
  • Be a part of developing reciprocal relationships with Staff and the Centre as a whole

The program at Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School Early Learning Centre:

  • Provides inquiry based learning
  • We focus on the foundations of learning of children using NT Preschool Curriculum and EYLF
  • Welcomes interaction and participation between the School and the Early Learning Centre
  • Provides for excursions where children are able to apply and test knowledge in real life situations
  • Recognises the importance of home and family and understands that adults are learners too
  • Is inclusive and stimulating and exploration and discovery are valued
  • Is both planned and emergent
  • Is child-centred, based on the strengths, needs, interests and abilities of children
  • Occurs both indoors and outdoors, with a natural flow between the two
  • Is play based, but with provisions for formal learning times where children are helped to gain confidence and competence in early literacy, numeracy, science, technology and the arts through play-based learning
  • Values and includes the contributions of children and families
  • Provides opportunities for developing children’s self-expression and confidence in creative art, drama, music, movement and dance
  • Is based on the Early Years Learning Framework, ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’
  • Recognises, reflects and draws on the work and beliefs of many educational theorists including the Reggio approach, Piaget, Vygotsky, Gardner and Montessori but most importantly is influenced by the children, families and Staff who make up the Centre.

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