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Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School

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    LeadershipPrincipalReuben Johnson
    Deputy Principal / Curriculum Brett Wilson
    Religious Education CoordinatorJustina Fernandes
    Inclusion SupportMargie Talbot
    Data Informed PractitionerNatasha Lemon
    AdministrationAdministration OfficerDianne Cook
    AdministrationJanice Taylor
    IT Support OfficerBryanna Kennedy
    Finance TeamFinance OfficerNeeraj Khetarpal
    AdministrationFlordeliza Cafirma
    TeachersYear 5/6 Gabby Payne, Meg Irwin
    Year 3/4Stephanie Richards, Tim Gilbert
    Year 1/2Josephine Santos, Natasha Lemon, Courtney Tetlow
    TransitionJustina Fernandes/Harpreet Kaur, Lisa Barry
    STEMHarpreet Kaur
    ArtJane Bradshaw
    Early Learning CentreDirector of ELC & OSHCCherry Valenzuela
    Assistant Director of ELCHup Lye
    EducatorDanielle Barlow, Dahlia De Guzman, Vivian Lee, Amie Banawa, Qi Fan, Michelle Sliwinski, Jennifer Armstrong, Chinette Grant,
    Educator/CookStephanie Munday
    Out of School HoursAssistant Director of OSHCMaricar Ferreras
    EducatorRiak Deng, Kayla Martin, Anju Goninon, Ethan Gilbert, Kelvine Climaco, James Cafirma, Charlotte Mitchell
    Inclusion StaffInclusion Support CoordinatorMargie Talbot
    Inclusion Support AssistantAnju Goninon, Narissa Plane, Julie Martin, Dominque Carbone, Marnie Webber, Ni Ketut Lela, Kelly Rasmussen, Dylan Collins, Joshua Burgess, Ethan Gilbert
    Indigenous Education WorkerYasmina Day


    Positions Vacant

    All employment opportunities with Catholic Education in the Northern Territory are advertised on the NT Catholic Education on the Employment/Job Vacancies page.


    Teacher Registration Board

    All teachers and senior administration staff in Northern Territory require current registration with the TRB. Applicants must be registered or eligible to register with the TRB.

    Student Protection

    All teachers and senior administration staff are required to undergo Student Protection training and be eligible to hold an OCHRE card.


    Accreditation to Teach in a Catholic School

    All teachers require Accreditation to Teach in a Catholic School whether or not they teach.

    Accreditation to Teach Religion in a Catholic School

    Teachers of Religion in Catholic schools require additional professional competence in scripture, theology and religious education theory and practice. Teachers wishing to teach Religious Education require formal qualifications in Religious Education totalling four undergraduate units or equivalent.

    Interim Accreditation

    At the discretion of the Executive Director of Catholic Education Services, teachers who do not have appropriate qualifications to meet accreditation requirements at the time of employment may be given Interim Accreditation.