About Us


I wish to extend a warm welcome to your family on behalf of Mother Teresa’s learning community. I look forward to working in partnership with you on the educational journey of your child.

Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School is first and foremost a Catholic school and is part of the Our Lady Help of Christians Parish in Palmerston. Our educational program embraces gospel values whilst catering for the academic, spiritual, physical, social and emotional needs of each student. We look to our patroness Mother Teresa, as an example of ways in which we can give life meaning, direction and purpose. We are committed to the values of Faith, Love, Compassion, Community, Hope and Joy and place the students at the very core of everything the school does. We value the partnership between school and home and regularly seek opportunities for families to be actively involved in their child’s education and school life generally.

Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School in Zuccoli, welcomes students from Early Learning to Year 6. It has become the school of choice for many in the area, as reflected by the rapidly increasing enrolment enquiries. There are currently 355 students in our school with a waiting list in most levels. Mother Teresa is only 6 years old and boasts learning spaces that are contemporary and flexible in design. We are fortunate to have large, expansive areas for the students to enjoy.

We have a team of dedicated teachers, Inclusion Support Assistants and Administration Staff who are committed to all students. Our school consists of a culturally rich and diverse cohort of students and families from across the world. We believe that together we can, “Do small things with great love” to ensure the education, development and formation of our students.  Our aim is to teach our students to reach out to the wider community and to make a difference to the lives of others.

We have a culture of high expectations in both behaviour and learning. We are committed to providing evidence-based, targeted teaching that enables all students to achieve their best. We believe that teaching should engage, inspire and challenge the students as they navigate and participate in our rapidly changing world. The safety and wellbeing of all students is our primary concern.

Welcome to our students and families and I pray that together we can build a strong faith community and educational foundation for all our students to succeed today and in the future.

Michelle Garbutt

Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School
“Do small things with great love.”


Why choose a Catholic School?

  • Faith and Values based learning environment
  • Welcoming, inclusive and family-orientated environment
  • Strong sense of belonging and community
  • Holistic Education- academic, spiritual, social, emotional, physical development
  • Quality learning and teaching
  • Strong respectful relationships
  • Strong school and parent partnership
  • Active community involvement
  • Nurturing and safe environment
  • Committed to social justice
  • Life-long learning skills – Preparation for a life of worth, not simply a life of work

Why Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School?

Parents who have enrolled their children have chosen Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School because they believe;

Mother Teresa Catholic School teaches and lives the gospel values including; Faith, Love, Community, Compassion, Hope and Joy.

The flexible learning spaces of the school support 21st contemporary teaching and learning for today and for the future.

Technology is used to support the learning process and provide students with the skills for digital citizenship.

The school has a major focus on building a learning community for all stakeholders; students, parents, parish and the wider community.

The school is a welcoming and inclusive place and celebrates all cultural backgrounds and abilities.

The school provides a safe, nurturing environment for each child.


School Logo

School Motto

“Do small things with great love”

Mother Teresa shared many thoughts and messages about how to live our lives.  The school has chosen one of her most inspirational quotes as the school motto, “Do small things with great love”.

Mother Teresa explained that it was the little things in life that make the biggest difference to others. In living out this motto, we strive to ensure that at Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School, we are generous in spirit, compassionate and welcoming to all in our community.


‘Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School is a Christ-centered, inclusive learning community that embraces the gospel values of Faith, Love, Community, Compassion, Hope and Joy, exemplified through the life and work of Mother Teresa, we strive to make a difference in our world and to all humanity.’

Mission Statement:

At Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School we seek to:

  • Foster a safe and friendly environment where everyone is valued and accepted;
  • Nurture the whole person, emphasizing faith, love, community, compassion, hope and joy;
  • Promote excellence in all areas of education and a life-ling love of learning;
  • Through our rich learning experiences, make a difference in our world and to all humanity.